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What is LocAle?

Inspired by Nottingham branch, this is a new campaign within CAMRA which promotes pubs who themselves promote locally produced real ale.  To be accredited, a pub must always have at least one real ale brewed within a 30 mile radius of the pub and it must be kept in good condition.  Accreditation is only possible via the local branch of CAMRA and it will be removed if quality is poor or LocAle brews are not available.

What do I Get?

We will maintain a list of LocAle pubs on the website and in other publicity material.  CAMRA members and others from across the country look at this when planning visits to Salisbury.  You also get a certificate, posters and point of sale pump clip toppers.

How much does it cost?

As with all CAMRA Campaigns and publications you cannot buy your way in.  Accreditation is decided by the branch, all volunteers, who love real ale. If you would like to nominate your pub for accreditation email us

A list of accredited pubs can be found  here. To find out if your local can be nominated use our  distance finder to see which breweries are within 30 miles.

If you are a brewery or a supplier you can check which pubs, in our area, are within 30 miles by using our  supplier distance calculator.


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